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Writing in the Little Fire House

I bought my ancient laptop a little house so it can come outside with me. There were simpler models but the foil-like canopy sold me. It has the air of a fire shelter. Maybe we could put the cat in it if wildfires flare… Continue Reading “Writing in the Little Fire House”

The Place of a Hundred Stories

My writing partner is inert. He is lying on a very threadbare sky blue chair given to us by my husband’s cousin. It was his mother’s so beloved in a way. For years, I appreciated the wornness of the old chair, how I could… Continue Reading “The Place of a Hundred Stories”

The Gift of Writing Everyday

Yesterday at lunch I was trying to explain to a friend of mine how writing every day changes one’s day. “Because you’re always looking at things as potential blog posts?” she said. No, that’s not it. I tried to explain how writing every day,… Continue Reading “The Gift of Writing Everyday”

2,000 Rocks

For a person who can’t seem to water plants regularly, I’ve kept this blog going an amazingly long time. This right here is my 2,000th post. In 10 years. Yes, some of them were repeats – why not re-air a good piece that no… Continue Reading “2,000 Rocks”

The Blank Page

Not writing can mean Suffocating heaps of words or vacancy, which

Deep Winter Friday Round-Up

I can’t be in a clinical trial because I have a magnet in my head. I wrote about this a few days ago – being offered the opportunity to be in a research project testing the efficacy of an Alzheimer’s prevention drug. But regular… Continue Reading “Deep Winter Friday Round-Up”

About Generosity in Blogging

I’m working on being a more generous blogger. This means reading, liking and promoting the work of other writers. Why is this so hard for me? My first answer is that I’m a competitive person. That’s an easy answer. It’s like answering “I work… Continue Reading “About Generosity in Blogging”

Ancient Sayings

One of the  great things about blogging is that while people sometimes criticize the ideas in a post, they never criticize the writing. As in, ‘this is really poorly written.’ This is good for me since I have almost no tolerance for criticism about… Continue Reading “Ancient Sayings”

Bend in New Places

If you are a crooked tree, you are crooked but you are still a tree. That you are anomalous is clear. No other tree looks like you and you could not be mistaken for any one of the other thousands of trees in the forest.… Continue Reading “Bend in New Places”

Keep It Moving

Why do people blog? I don’t know why people blog. I know why I blog. I want people to read what I write and have a reaction. The audience is fundamental to me. If there is no audience, I am just keeping a journal. And… Continue Reading “Keep It Moving”

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