Category: haiku

The Chase

Age runs me down fierce Relentless lion breathing I hide, swallow air __________ Photo by jean wimmerlin on Unsplash

My Brother’s Red Cadillac

From bed, he pointed Garage riches, red, glowing Detroit soul blessed blue

Last Day of Summer

Gin, tonic, lime, ice Melting fast, heat flies swarming One thousand pages


Pounce interrupted Camera’s click ratchets down wicked intentions

Yoga Class

Woman’s walker bumps Rolls across grass, butterflies Sun’s salutations ________________ Photo by rod m on Unsplash

Old Family Matters

Don’t you miss me, once Hungry table talk long hours Dishes stacked missing __________ Photo by Kelly Moon on Unsplash


Leather belt cinched tight Under her plaid flannel shirt Jeans low on old hips ____________________ Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

Future Orientation

Death’s door hopefully lies down a long corridor roses’ sun glimmers __________ Photo by René Porter on Unsplash

Dad’s Time

Blind pig, dirt cheap beer Count seven ways to Sunday Strictly from hunger

Power Cord

Wound around her arm Electricity jumps wild Thick boots through water ______________ Photo by Will Suddreth on Unsplash

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