Writing in the Little Fire House

I bought my ancient laptop a little house so it can come outside with me.

There were simpler models but the foil-like canopy sold me. It has the air of a fire shelter. Maybe we could put the cat in it if wildfires flare up in the U.P.

It’s very cozy. It makes me feel like I’m writing secrets.

There is a level of self-indulgence involved here, I will admit. But I am, at least up here on Lake Superior, immune to criticism, even my own, which in other locales, can be quite plentiful.

So I am here, writing in the sun as Hemingway might have done years ago with a pad of paper and a #2 pencil.

I have wonderful company. It’s fabulous.

Swirl sunning
Howard sunning

6 Comments on “Writing in the Little Fire House

  1. What a clever contraption! it’s so difficult to read electronic screens in strong sunlight, and this is the answer. Enjoy the sunshine. We’re having a particularly cloudy, grey, cold winter, and the occasional sunny day is such a welcome reprieve!

  2. It looks both tempting and luxurious

  3. what a perfect setting and that tent is new to me, but I can see how great it would be. it does kind of seem like a spy thing )

    • Me either until I started hunting on Amazon. Works great – a little on the bulky side but serve the purpose.

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