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Say Hello to Dolly

This is our Christmas tree. I’m going to call her Dolly. Dolly came in three pieces that stack. Each piece is prelit with white lights with the A piece plugging into the B piece and then into the C piece and then to the… Continue Reading “Say Hello to Dolly”

Three Hug Friday Round-Up

The city police ticketed homeless people camped at a commuter lot and then said, “oops,” as if they were actually sorry but what they’re sorry about is their strategic error, not their intent. It’s too long to explain, but there are people in Milwaukee… Continue Reading “Three Hug Friday Round-Up”

Glamour Dog

Dogs who wear blue scarves Forget their dog yard howling For just one short day

Drop in Anytime, We’ll Make Sandwiches

After Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house in Hastings in the 1950’s, we rode in the dark for three hours on two-lane roads to get back to Detroit. Sometimes, because he was tired and needed a cup of coffee or because he hadn’t had enough… Continue Reading “Drop in Anytime, We’ll Make Sandwiches”

Thanksgiving Can Be a Beautiful Pie

I am having but one guest for Thanksgiving this year. And my husband, well, he, too, is having but one guest. We are each other’s guest. This may be a first. We are experienced at pulling the dining room table apart to insert a… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Can Be a Beautiful Pie”


I told my friend at lunch that I was taking a break from line dancing at the senior center on the north side. Instead, I’m going to tai chi and chair yoga at the senior center on the south side. Without thinking, I told… Continue Reading “Unpacking”


The audiologist looks to be about twenty. She’s also got a doctorate and trains audiology students. She understands the intricacies of sound, all about tone and volume and a dozen nuances normal people don’t know or care about. She does the remarkable work of… Continue Reading “Fascinator”

Exit Plan

Forty years ago when we came to look at the house we now live in, the owner was sitting in the kitchen eating pancakes for dinner. She told us that she’d split from her husband and her daughter was grown so she no longer… Continue Reading “Exit Plan”

Floppy Baby

I could do something useful. I could scrape the mud off my boots, well, two pairs of boots sitting by the back door. I could see if the laundry in the washer is ready for the dryer. I could start a pot of soup,… Continue Reading “Floppy Baby”

#NaNoWriMo: It’s What’s for November

If you’re a writer or if you hang around with writers, you have probably heard of NaNoWriMo. It’s National Novel Writing Month, also known as November. Thousands of writers around the world are signed up to write 50,000 words toward a novel in November.… Continue Reading “#NaNoWriMo: It’s What’s for November”