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Leather belt cinched tight Under her plaid flannel shirt Jeans low on old hips ____________________ Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

Seven Women

Seven women came looking for news Stood at the door with their empty bags The news they had was wrinkled and old They wanted new cuts, slices of life No! No! Don’t make news just for us Don’t go to any trouble, don’t fuss Just give… Continue Reading “Seven Women”

On the Eve of 75

I wonder what it’s like to be old and then remember it is like this,my jeans have a hole at the knee that promises to spread, the holeis mysterious, a stigmata showing up overnight, tinybut unraveling, the edges stretch with every step I consider… Continue Reading “On the Eve of 75”


A hundred years here Wear a blue moon on a chain Time sheds like dog fur

Iron Woman

I wonder if ironing would soothe my mood,magically opening the ironing board after its long sojourn in the closet,smoothing the board’s cover, running my hands over old scorches,turning the iron on high, linen, maximum steam, as if to plot a murder. There are shirts… Continue Reading “Iron Woman”

Haiku: Caution

Sometimes victory Smells like a gas leak, seeping Wary of a match ________________ Photo by Devin Avery on Unsplash

Lost Art

All the whistlers left Gathered on a rock island Sweet swifts braided blue ___________________ Photo by Nathan Boadle on Unsplash

River Boy

River dog, rock paws Lapping currents going by Nosing left fish bones

Remembering Pops

Thirty pairs of black socksBoxers, all plaidThree brown belts and one black oneGabardine pants folded flat, seams matching A line of clip-on ties, blue and greenA dozen short-sleeved dress shirtsGold cufflinks in a boxA leather wallet with his license and my high school picture… Continue Reading “Remembering Pops”


Is hugging a child Like riding a bike, sailing wild down a steep hill

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