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It was a Sunny Day

A friend wished me a birthday that was sunny and mine was. We drove 90 miles to a new dog park and also to go to a place famous for pie. I had peaches and cream pie, pictured below. Then, we drove home on… Continue Reading “It was a Sunny Day”

On the Eve of 75

I wonder what it’s like to be old and then remember it is like this,my jeans have a hole at the knee that promises to spread, the holeis mysterious, a stigmata showing up overnight, tinybut unraveling, the edges stretch with every step I consider… Continue Reading “On the Eve of 75”

50 Tents

I’m turning 75 next week. To commemorate this historic occasion, I’m raising money to buy fifty $18.39 two-person tents that can be given to homeless people who seem to be on their last legs coping with living outside. I could shoot for 75 tents… Continue Reading “50 Tents”

The Lead-Up

People have birthdays everyday, for heaven’s sake. So no reason to get all intense about it, right? Wrong. 71 is some business. You try being 71 and come tell me birthdays are mundane, everyone has them, and, oh, age is just a number. 71… Continue Reading “The Lead-Up”

I Wasn’t There

Adopted’s birthday Dates on papers, abstractions For me but not her


I prayed for days that it would be sunny on my birthday. It was the only thing I wanted. My plan was to get in the car and drive west or north and hike by myself in a state park somewhere. I do a… Continue Reading “Amen”

My Day in Fifths

1. My day had elements of road rage woven throughout. A guy cut me off on the freeway ramp and then gave me the finger for the next mile while I mouthed the words “Fuck yourself, asshole.” Later, I thought it would have been… Continue Reading “My Day in Fifths”

Turning 65

The saltwater was the perfect treatment for the blisters I got from wearing the wrong shoes for a walk on the Old Seven Mile Bridge in the Florida Keys that I had been planning for weeks to mark my 65th birthday. It is so… Continue Reading “Turning 65”

On My Mother’s Birthday

We weren’t much for celebrating birthdays in our family.  Oh, occasionally, there would be a cake and I do remember one party with an assortment of kids around our dining room table.  But it was only once.  It’s a family’s mom who organizes things like… Continue Reading “On My Mother’s Birthday”

It’s Not the First Tomollow, Honey

When our granddaughter comes for the weekend on Friday night, she asks what we’re going to do on the first tomollow (Saturday) and on the second tomollow (Sunday) and then the semi-dreaded but kind of nice third tomollow (School, also known as Monday).  I… Continue Reading “It’s Not the First Tomollow, Honey”

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