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My Face, My Beautiful Face

It was my first time. I’d never had anyone fuss with my face, shape my eyebrows, those were things other women did, not me. I lay back on the table and she put a pillow under my knees. As she studied my face, she… Continue Reading “My Face, My Beautiful Face”

Old Family Matters

Don’t you miss me, once Hungry table talk long hours Dishes stacked missing __________ Photo by Kelly Moon on Unsplash


Leather belt cinched tight Under her plaid flannel shirt Jeans low on old hips ____________________ Photo by Roberto Sorin on Unsplash

It was a Sunny Day

A friend wished me a birthday that was sunny and mine was. We drove 90 miles to a new dog park and also to go to a place famous for pie. I had peaches and cream pie, pictured below. Then, we drove home on… Continue Reading “It was a Sunny Day”

On the Eve of 75

I wonder what it’s like to be old and then remember it is like this,my jeans have a hole at the knee that promises to spread, the holeis mysterious, a stigmata showing up overnight, tinybut unraveling, the edges stretch with every step I consider… Continue Reading “On the Eve of 75”

50 Tents

I’m turning 75 next week. To commemorate this historic occasion, I’m raising money to buy fifty $18.39 two-person tents that can be given to homeless people who seem to be on their last legs coping with living outside. I could shoot for 75 tents… Continue Reading “50 Tents”

A New Year’s Eve Story: Margaret’s Billy

I was on my way out the door when Margaret moved in. Well, not literally out the door. I had three more weeks of rehab after breaking both my legs, can you believe it, in a fall down the basement stairs. It was a… Continue Reading “A New Year’s Eve Story: Margaret’s Billy”

About Cabbages, Coolness, and Age

The cabbage is the size of a basketball. It’s in the refrigerator waiting to be turned into a giant batch of stuffed cabbage rolls. I got it at the senior center along with a three-pound bag of sweet potatoes and a wedge of gouda… Continue Reading “About Cabbages, Coolness, and Age”

Thanksgiving Hat

Thanksgiving makes me miss everything. My parents, my kids when they were young, my old hometown, my grandmother’s house, my dead dogs and cats, accomplishment, potential, myself. It is hard to explain this without sounding depressed. I am not depressed, not really. What I… Continue Reading “Thanksgiving Hat”

In Parenting and Other Things: The Gift of a Bad Memory

I read an article a few days ago entitled, “Rare detailed personal memory a burden, and ultimately a gift,” about a young woman who could remember every day of her life in complete detail. Every day. Every detail – what day of the week it… Continue Reading “In Parenting and Other Things: The Gift of a Bad Memory”

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