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The Purple Shirt: Part Two

“Oh gee, I’m really sorry but this is exactly the shirt I was looking for,” Gloria said. “It’s a beautiful shirt. I can see why you’d like it.” She draped the purple shirt over the handle of her shopping cart and moved to the… Continue Reading “The Purple Shirt: Part Two”

The Purple Shirt: Part One

Gloria stepped back from the women’s shirt rack and waited for the old lady to pass. Experienced thrift store shoppers know the dance. A person rifling through the hangers from one direction will step back and let the person rifling from the other direction… Continue Reading “The Purple Shirt: Part One”

Darla and Fitz: Part One

If she left Hastings by noon, she could get to the Mackinac Bridge by six, cross over to the U.P. and be at her campsite by eight. But first, she had to get the RV key off John’s thick metal key ring holding all… Continue Reading “Darla and Fitz: Part One”

Part 3: Grady and Irene

Finally, she was parallel to her dog. She kicked her legs to push herself high out of the water and yelled “THIS WAY! THIS WAY!” She treaded water in the thick wave and pointed to the shore. “THIS WAY! THIS WAY!” He came. Grady’s… Continue Reading “Part 3: Grady and Irene”

Part 2: Grady and Irene

“Grady! GRADY!” His head erupted from the water. His front paws flailed in the air like he was trying to climb a ladder. Was he standing on his back feet? Maybe. He was five feet tall when he stood on his back feet and… Continue Reading “Part 2: Grady and Irene”

Part 1: Grady and Irene

Grady was an Alaskan Husky born and raised at a sled dog kennel in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Initially trained for the legendary Iditarod sled dog race, Grady ran lesser races in the Midwest and then pulled sleds full of tourists through the north woods.… Continue Reading “Part 1: Grady and Irene”

100 Word Story: Regret

Barbara told Ricardo to keep his hands to himself and drive. But Ricardo decided Barbara didn’t mean what she said so he kept crawling his hand up her leg until she opened the door when he slowed for a red light and hopped out… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Regret”

Seasoning: Part 3

“Helen, I brought someone to meet you.” There was no answer. Brian touched his wife’s arm. She jerked away. “Stop it! Don’t touch me!” “I’m sorry, Helen. I brought a friend, she’s right here…..” “Daisy? Daisy, is that you?” Helen peered at Daisy, her… Continue Reading “Seasoning: Part 3”

Seasoning: Part I

He said she should come back for the meat loaf. So, when the senior dining menu was published, Daisy searched for meat loaf day. There it was, April 13th. That’s when she’d go back to the senior center to see him again. She didn’t… Continue Reading “Seasoning: Part I”

A New Year’s Eve Story: Margaret’s Billy

I was on my way out the door when Margaret moved in. Well, not literally out the door. I had three more weeks of rehab after breaking both my legs, can you believe it, in a fall down the basement stairs. It was a… Continue Reading “A New Year’s Eve Story: Margaret’s Billy”

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