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About Cabbages, Coolness, and Age

The cabbage is the size of a basketball. It’s in the refrigerator waiting to be turned into a giant batch of stuffed cabbage rolls. I got it at the senior center along with a three-pound bag of sweet potatoes and a wedge of gouda… Continue Reading “About Cabbages, Coolness, and Age”

You Need to See a Shrink

Remembering that time with a fair amount of gratitude.

The Girl in the Stairwell

The R.A. told us to go to our rooms and lock our doors. She wouldn’t answer questions but we got the buzz that the first floor R.A. had been found tied and gagged in the stairwell leading to the dorm basement. “Go to bed,”… Continue Reading “The Girl in the Stairwell”

Angels on the Head of a Pin

Sometimes my work involves counting people in misery. Not helping them. Figuring out how to count them. It’s disconcerting sometimes to think a lifetime of education and work has come down to discussions about how to find every single last homeless person so that… Continue Reading “Angels on the Head of a Pin”

The Stigma of Hearing Loss

These are my hearing aids. I wear them every waking hour except when I am tired of hearing things. When I don’t wear them, I hear very little. When I do wear them, sounds can be distorted and speech indecipherable. It depends on the… Continue Reading “The Stigma of Hearing Loss”

You Need to See a Shrink

Every time I drive this patch of road, which is almost everyday, I remember being told right at this exact spot, “You need to see a shrink.” I was the passenger in the car. The driver was my friend who was also my boss… Continue Reading “You Need to See a Shrink”

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