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Life This Morning

My people don’t talk in the waiting room.  They are already tired from asking directions at the front desk and figuring out the receptionist’s instructions. Once they are sitting down and waiting to be called, they want to be left alone. After all these… Continue Reading “Life This Morning”


Seven thousand dollars. That’s what I paid today. If I was working at a local McDonald’s, that would represent 42% of my annual pay. Paid in one lump sum. Did I buy a car? A boat? A trip to Europe? Nope. I bought the… Continue Reading “Supersized”

Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed

It flashed on me today while I was zooming down the freeway sandwiched between a very large truck carrying what looked like a giant metal outhouse held down by a dozen canvas straps and a concrete construction wall that if I turned my head… Continue Reading “Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed”

News Alert

The bringing in of the sheaves has been postponed indefinitely. A few weeks ago, I wrote a very depressing piece  called “Bringing in the Sheaves” about the impact of my hearing loss on my work. At the time, I was a couple of weeks… Continue Reading “News Alert”

The Stigma of Hearing Loss

These are my hearing aids. I wear them every waking hour except when I am tired of hearing things. When I don’t wear them, I hear very little. When I do wear them, sounds can be distorted and speech indecipherable. It depends on the… Continue Reading “The Stigma of Hearing Loss”

Bye Bells

“Do you hear that? Do you hear the church bells?” Waking up late, the first morning of a long weekend on Lake Superior, my husband asks me what time it is. No watch, no clock, no phone, so the church bells will tell us… Continue Reading “Bye Bells”

If The Phone Rings Again, Don’t Answer It

So much depends on whether you answer the phone.  When my then boyfriend (now husband) wandered off for a while to give his prior girlfriend another chance and then decided to return to our little germ of a relationship, he started calling me. I sat at the… Continue Reading “If The Phone Rings Again, Don’t Answer It”

Say What?

You know how Iron Chef has Battle Mushroom or Battle Egg?  And how everyone in Kitchen Stadium watches in awe as the Iron Chef and his challenger create amazing plates of food art to be judged by a panel of people who haven’t been hungry for… Continue Reading “Say What?”

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