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Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up

The division of labor in our house involves my husband dealing with all canine and feline excrement. He complains about this mightily. But I care not. He spent years carefully tucked behind his newspaper while various toddlers with diapers loaded to the ground waddled… Continue Reading “Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up”

Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed

It flashed on me today while I was zooming down the freeway sandwiched between a very large truck carrying what looked like a giant metal outhouse held down by a dozen canvas straps and a concrete construction wall that if I turned my head… Continue Reading “Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed”

If The Phone Rings Again, Don’t Answer It

So much depends on whether you answer the phone.  When my then boyfriend (now husband) wandered off for a while to give his prior girlfriend another chance and then decided to return to our little germ of a relationship, he started calling me. I sat at the… Continue Reading “If The Phone Rings Again, Don’t Answer It”

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