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Approach of Winter Friday Round-Up

Our old boy is sick. You couldn’t tell by looking at him, especially at the dog park. There he trots along with that sled dog long distance gait that he used for his eleven working years. He’s fourteen now with a gray beard but… Continue Reading “Approach of Winter Friday Round-Up”

Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up

The division of labor in our house involves my husband dealing with all canine and feline excrement. He complains about this mightily. But I care not. He spent years carefully tucked behind his newspaper while various toddlers with diapers loaded to the ground waddled… Continue Reading “Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up”

Pet Ears Friday Round-Up

Hercules the Cat carried a full roll of toilet paper in his teeth from the bathroom to the door of our bedroom. We base this, not on forensic evidence, e.g. comparing his bite marks to, say, a certain dog that lives here, but by… Continue Reading “Pet Ears Friday Round-Up”

Staying on the Beam Friday Round-Up

In Milwaukee, officials have taken a courageous stand against porta-potties for homeless people. This seems contrary to basic public health thinking that it’s better to have people pooping in a porta-potty than under a bush, a notion that seems to be widely accepted in… Continue Reading “Staying on the Beam Friday Round-Up”

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