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Herc in the Window

He sits there waiting for the sun to come up. I watch him slyly, not completely opening my eyes, pretending to sleep because if he hears me, if he hears my eyelashes move against the morning air, feels my yawn from five feet away,… Continue Reading “Herc in the Window”

Pet Ears Friday Round-Up

Hercules the Cat carried a full roll of toilet paper in his teeth from the bathroom to the door of our bedroom. We base this, not on forensic evidence, e.g. comparing his bite marks to, say, a certain dog that lives here, but by… Continue Reading “Pet Ears Friday Round-Up”


“It’s good to have a hobby.” “It is. What’s yours?” “Throwing sticks in the water for my dog to fetch.” “That’s not much of a hobby.” “Who are you to judge? I’m quite good at it.” “Better than the dog? I’d say she has… Continue Reading “Skill-Building”

My Dog Jak

It can be years, many years, a decade or more, and a person can still miss her dog. My dog, Jak, my big, beautiful, thick, smiling Jak. Jak, the dog who circled his own wagons, curled up in the snow, and fell calmly asleep until… Continue Reading “My Dog Jak”

Today at the Vet

“Their dog died today.” “The dog in the waiting room that couldn’t get up?” “A different dog.” “How do you know?” “Someone said ‘sorry for your loss’ to them when I paid our bill. ____________________ #72/100: 72nd in a series of 100 in 100

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