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Swirl’s Chewed Things: Moola

Hello. I am Swirl. I have eaten a lot of money in my time. If I am careful, I can pull out the bills without eating all of the leather thing they are in. I eschew leather. It reminds me of animals. It is… Continue Reading “Swirl’s Chewed Things: Moola”

Advent 8: Punch

Our new dog, Punchy, chomped on my hand today. I was holding a Milk-Bone at the time so I’m not entirely blameless here. Still, the chomp hit my upper thumb, sort of a jaws wide open grab whatever is meat kind of action like… Continue Reading “Advent 8: Punch”

Minnie Looking at Lake Superior

She looks through the railing, her nose twitches at something floating by that we don’t see or maybe fish swimming yards offshore. The fog disappears and the sun comes out and for minutes it is warm outside and bright and then the fog gathers… Continue Reading “Minnie Looking at Lake Superior”

My Dog Jak

It can be years, many years, a decade or more, and a person can still miss her dog. My dog, Jak, my big, beautiful, thick, smiling Jak. Jak, the dog who circled his own wagons, curled up in the snow, and fell calmly asleep until… Continue Reading “My Dog Jak”

Two a Day #4: Is Redemption Possible?

How bad or how often does someone have to screw up to make them beyond redemption?  What does it take to redeem oneself after showing really bad behavior? What do these questions have to do with this picture of a dog? After years of… Continue Reading “Two a Day #4: Is Redemption Possible?”

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