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My Dog Jak

It can be years, many years, a decade or more, and a person can still miss her dog. My dog, Jak, my big, beautiful, thick, smiling Jak. Jak, the dog who circled his own wagons, curled up in the snow, and fell calmly asleep until… Continue Reading “My Dog Jak”

Street Cred

So I’m noodling around Facebook like I do whenever I’m bored with what I’m working on which has been frequently the last week or so and I happen upon a closed Facebook group called Nicaragua Adoptive Families. So because I have three, now adult,… Continue Reading “Street Cred”

So Hot It Makes You Cry

This is a re-post of a blog written last year. Seems appropriate considering Milwaukee’s recent weather! Now today was a pretty darn hot day.  I spent a fair share of it submerged in water at a local water park.  Yes, I know it’s Monday… Continue Reading “So Hot It Makes You Cry”

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