Category: Friday Round-Up

Pretty Saucy Friday Round-Up

I bought a nine dollar bottle of Carolina barbecue sauce and then exploded it all over the kitchen floor. I wasn’t looking for barbecue sauce when I bought it but the bottle was at eye level while I was waiting for the butcher to… Continue Reading “Pretty Saucy Friday Round-Up”

It’s a Lot Friday Round-Up

Our daughter and her wonderful boy were here for the weekend, and it was grand. We made a great many pancakes that we drowned in maple syrup from an old friend’s family farm in Michigan. We hiked. Ate amazing Mexican food at a place… Continue Reading “It’s a Lot Friday Round-Up”

Where’s the List Friday Round-Up

I never took up fishing. I decided a couple of years ago that having a good cane pole and some nice new bobbers would really spruce up my life. I remembered my very short and very wide grandma in her house dress and a… Continue Reading “Where’s the List Friday Round-Up”

History is Here Friday Round-Up

When you are not Jewish, but you are married to a Jewish man, history has a way of sitting in the kitchen while dinner is being made. History is on the mantel over our fireplace, the photo of my husband’s grandfather and uncle who… Continue Reading “History is Here Friday Round-Up”

Flor de Cana Friday Round-Up

The homeless outreach group I work with came upon a wandering, bewildered, hapless man last night and sent him home to his mama. The stories are always complicated. This one involved landing in Milwaukee somehow, losing everything, including his phone, sleeping behind gas stations,… Continue Reading “Flor de Cana Friday Round-Up”

This is How We Used to Live Friday Round-Up

I can’t believe we used to live this way. We liked it at the time – all the hubbub, the demands, people’s expectations, our ambition – but wading through a replica week as older folks, it seems crazy overdone and exhausting. We can still… Continue Reading “This is How We Used to Live Friday Round-Up”

Have Gavel Will Travel Friday Round-Up

I survived chairing a big meeting today by the skin of my teeth. As often happens with these harrowing experiences, there are people who lean over and say “did you hear that?” or give me a nod or a wink of confirmation. I love… Continue Reading “Have Gavel Will Travel Friday Round-Up”

Stay Reminded Friday Round-Up

A young friend lost her boyfriend to suicide. I sent my condolences but I didn’t tell her what we had in common, except my boyfriend didn’t die until about thirty years after we split up. It wasn’t for lack of trying while we were… Continue Reading “Stay Reminded Friday Round-Up”

Underpinnings, Underwear Friday Round-Up

If you use a Porta-Potty at the dog park right after you see a former elected official waving hello who then uses the same Porta-Potty after you have a quick chat, should you feel weird? Actually, while I was using said PP, I worried… Continue Reading “Underpinnings, Underwear Friday Round-Up”