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Pet Ears Friday Round-Up

Hercules the Cat carried a full roll of toilet paper in his teeth from the bathroom to the door of our bedroom. We base this, not on forensic evidence, e.g. comparing his bite marks to, say, a certain dog that lives here, but by… Continue Reading “Pet Ears Friday Round-Up”

Staying on the Beam Friday Round-Up

In Milwaukee, officials have taken a courageous stand against porta-potties for homeless people. This seems contrary to basic public health thinking that it’s better to have people pooping in a porta-potty than under a bush, a notion that seems to be widely accepted in… Continue Reading “Staying on the Beam Friday Round-Up”

Stack of Hats Friday Round-Up

My mother bought me brown oxford shoes when I was in third grade and the surprise and embarrassment of those shoes have stuck with me all these many years. I remember this because last night’s writing instructor, teaching about the difference between scene and… Continue Reading “Stack of Hats Friday Round-Up”

11:43 p.m. Friday Round-Up

Beloved sled dog musher Lance Mackey died this week. He was flinty, funny, courageous, and valiant but if you saw him you’d think he’d missed his shift changing oil at the drive-through oil change place on the way out of town. Not that changing… Continue Reading “11:43 p.m. Friday Round-Up”

Love Your Potato Friday Round-Up

It appears that the airbag for the passenger seat of our truck is “off.” So, either this means that the little indicator is wrong or the airbag will actually not deploy if we hit something. Of course, it can’t be ‘diagnosed’ for weeks and… Continue Reading “Love Your Potato Friday Round-Up”

Scratchy Sheets Friday Round-Up

I have a bum knee and it’s added years to my already astronomical age. I wear a brace – the one I bought for $3.18 at the Mitchell, South Dakota, Walmart – so I have that look of an athlete, albeit an aging one.… Continue Reading “Scratchy Sheets Friday Round-Up”

What’s Behind the Green Door Friday Round-Up

Our neighbor asked why we have lights on in our house in the middle of the night and I told her it was because our dog, Swirl, has lost his mind. The incessant fireworks set him to pacing and then to pawing so that… Continue Reading “What’s Behind the Green Door Friday Round-Up”

Dear William et al Friday Round-Up

Lately, it seems like writing a letter on personalized stationery and putting it in a mailbox on a rural road in Alaska would get a faster response than some of my emails. It feels weird and old ladyish to complain about such a thing,… Continue Reading “Dear William et al Friday Round-Up”

Better Late Than Never Friday Round-Up

I see your soggy box wine and raise you a four-pack of little bottles of Chardonnay from Walgreen’s. It occurred to me after I posted photos on Facebook of unloading our sodden camping gear at a dog park in order to wring it out… Continue Reading “Better Late Than Never Friday Round-Up”

You Can Get What You Want When You Figure Out What It Is Friday Round-Up

We sold our Bambi. We fell in love with Airstream trailers years ago. Every time we passed one on the highway, we’d ooh and ahh. They’re so perfectly designed, so beautiful. But after owning one for just four months, we knew we weren’t Airstream… Continue Reading “You Can Get What You Want When You Figure Out What It Is Friday Round-Up”

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