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Bring My Flannel Shirt So I Can Fell Some Trees Friday Round-Up

Last night I took off all my hearing gear and was struck immediately by a profound silence. Usually, I hear very little without my cochlear implant receiver and hearing aid, but I am used to hearing myself talk as if my voice was in… Continue Reading “Bring My Flannel Shirt So I Can Fell Some Trees Friday Round-Up”

Chili Shakers Friday Round-Up

The woman sitting next to me at the Alzheimer’s breakfast inched her hand slowly across the white tablecloth and slipped the spoon off the saucer holding my coffee cup. I picked up the spoon and moved it to the other side of my plate… Continue Reading “Chili Shakers Friday Round-Up”

Sweep that Straw Friday Round-Up

I got my comeuppance. I won third place in a fairly prestigious fiction contest and thought my words, each one of them, were pearls wrought from the most beautiful shells in the sea until the editor of the journal in which said prize wining… Continue Reading “Sweep that Straw Friday Round-Up”

Grumbling Girl Friday Round-Up

My dog is in his crate. This is because it is raining, earlier there was lightening, and heavy winds are predicted for later. He is whining, ever so slightly, but I am undeterred. I cannot have him leaping at me in the middle of… Continue Reading “Grumbling Girl Friday Round-Up”

Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst Friday Round-Up

I won’t lie, it’s been a challenging week. But challenging in the way that a huge snowstorm that knocks out the power is so you have to find all your candles stowed on the top shelf of wherever and the matches you haven’t used… Continue Reading “Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst Friday Round-Up”

Back from Gallivanting Friday Round-Up

I once went 843 consecutive days posting on my blog which seems, now, like a symptom of something. I remember the moment I realized I was going to miss a day. We were driving down a two-lane road to a campground next to some… Continue Reading “Back from Gallivanting Friday Round-Up”

Eat the Christmas Chocolate Friday Round-Up

There are 74-year-old women waiting tables so I can’t complain. What I’m doing doesn’t involve carrying omelets for four on a giant round tray above my head or sorting out who wanted rye toast and who wanted a raisin bagel, toasted dark, light smear.… Continue Reading “Eat the Christmas Chocolate Friday Round-Up”

Hands Full Friday Round-Up

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a perverse skill. Which it seems our beloved President Joe Biden has in his repertoire. Who keeps top secret documents in his garage next to his beloved Corvette? I might equate the two but the normal… Continue Reading “Hands Full Friday Round-Up”

Approach of Winter Friday Round-Up

Our old boy is sick. You couldn’t tell by looking at him, especially at the dog park. There he trots along with that sled dog long distance gait that he used for his eleven working years. He’s fourteen now with a gray beard but… Continue Reading “Approach of Winter Friday Round-Up”

Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up

The division of labor in our house involves my husband dealing with all canine and feline excrement. He complains about this mightily. But I care not. He spent years carefully tucked behind his newspaper while various toddlers with diapers loaded to the ground waddled… Continue Reading “Bring Me the Dragons Friday Round-Up”

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