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Tempest Update

Tempest, our retired sled dog from Alaska, has been here in Wisconsin for a week. Here is what I see in her. She is a country dog. She is new to houses, stairs, streets with cars, bicycles, and places where there are dogs who… Continue Reading “Tempest Update”

Three Paws

The vet’s office sent us a sympathy note. Inside were three white cards, each with a black imprint of one of Punchy’s paws. This seemed odd. Why didn’t they take a print of the fourth paw? And which paw was it that wasn’t included?… Continue Reading “Three Paws”

Punchy’s Obituary

Punchy. Alaskan Husky. Born 6/14/2008 Willow, Alaska; died 12/27/2022 Milwaukee,Wisconsin. Litter mate of Baba Ganoush and Tramp. Trained and worked as a sled dog atNature’s Kennel, McMillan, Michigan 2012-2019. Best friend of Swirl, housemate of Hercules,and beloved companion of Jan and Howard. Known for… Continue Reading “Punchy’s Obituary”


A hundred years here Wear a blue moon on a chain Time sheds like dog fur

River Boy

River dog, rock paws Lapping currents going by Nosing left fish bones

My Walk with Swirl and Punchy

It is snowing. It is snowing hard with big, storybook snowflakes like we made in third grade with white paper and blunt-nosed scissors. In our bedroom, Swirl is sleeping stretched out on the floor on a little girl’s flowered quilt, a half-eaten roll of… Continue Reading “My Walk with Swirl and Punchy”

The Mystery of Punchy’s Rankness

We’ve been puzzling over it, Punchy’s rankness, figuring at first that it was the accumulation of eleven years in the dog yard with all the spit and mud and rolled-in dead things that might have fallen from the trees or been passed dog to… Continue Reading “The Mystery of Punchy’s Rankness”

Light Heart

It is so dark I can’t see my feet but the Big Dipper is hanging in the sky so close it looks fake as if someone strung lights over our house to trick us and I stumble in the dark, worried that I’ll twist… Continue Reading “Light Heart”

Hygge Friday Round-Up

Hygge (hue-guh) is the art of wintering gracefully. It’s about making the ordinary lovely and warm but in small everyday ways, intentional but undetectable. It’s a Danish thing. I have a Danish friend whose name is Marcia. She takes hygge with her wherever she… Continue Reading “Hygge Friday Round-Up”

Dog Day

We went to the Midwest Sled Dog Symposium in Curtis, Michigan, today where our retired sled dog, Swirl, was fussed over like a returning war hero by the people who raised, trained, raced, and ran him for seven years. One after the other described… Continue Reading “Dog Day”

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