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It’s 13 Degrees in Milwaukee

One of my father’s sayings was “you don’t have to say everything you know.” I know he said it to me more than once but now I’m wondering why. Certainly, for a long while, well, all the time I was growing up, he didn’t… Continue Reading “It’s 13 Degrees in Milwaukee”

Winter Lovers

We weren’t sure what we were looking for but we decided it wasn’t in Arizona. Our plan was to head there this morning in our truck with our two dogs to meander around and maybe see some baseball at spring training. And then just… Continue Reading “Winter Lovers”

My Walk with Swirl and Punchy

It is snowing. It is snowing hard with big, storybook snowflakes like we made in third grade with white paper and blunt-nosed scissors. In our bedroom, Swirl is sleeping stretched out on the floor on a little girl’s flowered quilt, a half-eaten roll of… Continue Reading “My Walk with Swirl and Punchy”


Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

Both hands hold the bowl Over-peppered soup swallowed whole Snow paints the window


I saw grass today and it was like being transported to a mythical country. It’s something for a person raised in the Midwest, who has lived here for 70 years, and just got back from Alaska, to be sniveling with gratitude about twelve blades… Continue Reading “Greenery”

Silver Lining

What winter has going for it is hunkering down. It is in the hunkering down that we appreciate things like blankets and dogs. And we aren’t compelled all the time to be outside because it’s good for us. We took a walk today but… Continue Reading “Silver Lining”

For the Love of Leon

I’ve taken to wearing a hat indoors. It’s part of my ruggedness wear. You know, how Stitch Fix sends you snazzy, coordinated tops and shoes and accessories? I don’t have that. I have two boxes in the downstairs closet with a remarkable array of… Continue Reading “For the Love of Leon”

Perfectly Flawed

A long time ago, we bought a ramshackle beach house on Lake Superior and two years later it burned down. One minute we had a house and the next it was gone. That happens to people, though, and it’s a survivable thing. We lost… Continue Reading “Perfectly Flawed”

Winter Window

If you are going to have winter, have a fine winter window. Make it beautiful so you remember to love what is cold and difficult. Make yourself happy with the frost.  

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