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Anger Management

I was awake last night stewing about a conversation I had with someone a year ago. It was, as I told a friend earlier in the day, one of the few times in my long life that someone tried to bully me. Of course,… Continue Reading “Anger Management”

The Wildness of Hair

A woman who had been living outside for a good while asked for help with her hair. The homeless outreach team from Street Angels knew her. They had brought her supplies and food for many months. But she had never talked about her hair… Continue Reading “The Wildness of Hair”

Say Hey Billy

A post from five years ago. We’ve lost touch. But I’ve not forgotten. I saw Billy tonight on homeless outreach. Billy and his friends pulled my older son from his burning car after an accident last year. There were five of us on the… Continue Reading “Say Hey Billy”

It’s 13 Degrees in Milwaukee

One of my father’s sayings was “you don’t have to say everything you know.” I know he said it to me more than once but now I’m wondering why. Certainly, for a long while, well, all the time I was growing up, he didn’t… Continue Reading “It’s 13 Degrees in Milwaukee”

Peeking Out from Under a Rock Friday Round-Up

Street Angels has its annual strategic planning sessions tomorrow morning. In the past year, Covid has weighed heavy on our team, hanging around our necks like tractor tires, making every part of our work a hundred times harder. But lugging those tractor tires around… Continue Reading “Peeking Out from Under a Rock Friday Round-Up”

Snow Angel

Trees, bushes, alleys New snow pressed flat by someone Gone looking for heat ____________________ Photo by Clay LeConey on Unsplash


We could hear the man yelling while we were in the elevator riding up from the first floor. He was loud and mad, fierce. We stopped at the second floor, my husband and I, and, as it works with old elevators in old buildings,… Continue Reading “Misgivings”

5 Sentence Saturday Round-Up

This morning, the owner of a coffee shop handed me a check for $500, half his sales from the day before, to support Street Angels, his reason being that he had been homeless himself once and hadn’t forgotten. In the past two days, 650… Continue Reading “5 Sentence Saturday Round-Up”

Friday Heartache

Someone torched one of the Street Angels buses last night and it is a total loss. We have two buses – the white one is larger and the blue one, relatively undamaged, is smaller. Both of them were out last night, driving routes in… Continue Reading “Friday Heartache”

Stoplight Hand-Off

Roll up five dollars Roll down the window, say hey Roll away, say thanks ________________________ Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash