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Maybe I’m Amazed

What is it with women? I went to the volunteer training for the Street Angels warming room tonight. Eighteen prospective volunteers attended. Guess how many were women? Seventeen. These are the volunteers who are going to greet homeless people, mostly men, at the door… Continue Reading “Maybe I’m Amazed”

Advent 13: Warming Room

You get to be warm on Tuesday, they said, Tuesday Good of you to wait

Advent 9: Hold Your Fire

Sit still, fold your hands Worms wriggle on their own hooks Tie themselves in knots

Mornings in the Polar Vortex

She was an old woman who sat with her purse on her lap like she was waiting to be called to have her blood pressure checked. Instead, she was waiting for breakfast to be served at the homeless warming room and watching the TV… Continue Reading “Mornings in the Polar Vortex”


Sometimes the blankets are warm from having been slept on just minutes before. This happens when someone gets up, gathers up his blankets in a bundle, and makes a beeline to the storage room. They seem to be saying, here’s my bed. I’m done… Continue Reading “Blanketed”

Morning at the Warming Room

We had already folded and stacked most of the blankets and sleeping bags. A few people stayed sleeping on the floor, abandoned by their comrades who had already awakened, gathered their things, and moved to the other room where there was coffee and big… Continue Reading “Morning at the Warming Room”

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