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I’m going to write my friend a letterOn paper, with inkIndelible which means It could last foreverFolded in thirds and stored in the pages of a favorite bookHe might show his children my letter I’ll tell him how I’m feelingIn ways that will stand… Continue Reading “Correspondence”

The Heart of the Matter

Transformative experiences sometimes come by the teaspoonful. They are little wee bits of reorientation and redefinition. This week’s transformative tidbit is this: I don’t need to keep apologizing for something I can’t control and isn’t my fault. It’s almost a reflex for me to… Continue Reading “The Heart of the Matter”

Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed

It flashed on me today while I was zooming down the freeway sandwiched between a very large truck carrying what looked like a giant metal outhouse held down by a dozen canvas straps and a concrete construction wall that if I turned my head… Continue Reading “Talking to My Son in the Car Might Get Us Killed”

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