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Deep Winter Friday Round-Up

I can’t be in a clinical trial because I have a magnet in my head. I wrote about this a few days ago – being offered the opportunity to be in a research project testing the efficacy of an Alzheimer’s prevention drug. But regular… Continue Reading “Deep Winter Friday Round-Up”

Risky Business

Alzheimer’s Disease is just drenched in stigma. It’s the leprosy of our time, the worst possible thing that could happen. Your hands will fall off, your nose, parts of you will drop to the ground, strewn about the landscape, and people will run away… Continue Reading “Risky Business”


Yesterday I made a fried egg sandwich, ate it, left the house to go shopping, came back two hours later, and turned the burner off under the frying pan. I thought maybe I should put an X on the calendar so we could have… Continue Reading “Cracked”

Truth or Dare

The little box with the DNA swab for my Alzheimer’s bad gene test came in the mail yesterday. The nice people at the Alzheimer’s Prevention Registry that coordinates research on Alzheimer’s sent it to me. The deal is they don’t tell me if I… Continue Reading “Truth or Dare”

Will the Last Thought to Leave, Please Turn Off the Light?

Virginia’s Voyagers

I’ve written about my mother many times. She was an enigma, the entire time I knew her. She was cool, gathered, quiet and definite. She was tailored and streamlined, her blouse always pressed and her seams straight. She was careful and spare. Her entire… Continue Reading “Virginia’s Voyagers”


The ball sailed through the air, powered by my mother’s perfect stroke, her stance at the backyard tee textbook beautiful, the arc of her swing like the flight of a ballerina’s arm. She held her club aloft, holding her follow-through, waiting for her ball… Continue Reading “Arc”

Time Travel

Never mind It’s nothing I forgot It just comes to me Now and then Whistling Like a tiny train across the desert Of what is left of my memories Songs on the car radio Tuned to then Going away and coming back

Morning Routine

It’s impossible to convince him that WOOF is not the name of coffee. When he wakes up and sees me gathering myself, finding my robe and my flip flops, he smiles from his night nesting spot under the red pillow because he knows I’m… Continue Reading “Morning Routine”

It’s Still Alright

“What’s that up there?” “That’s the moon, Janey. Remember the moon?” The moon. That’s the moon. What’s that up there?” “The moon, Janey. It’s the moon. Remember the moon when we were young?” “The moon. Moon. Moon.” “That’s right, Janey. The moon.”

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