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Smile! Big Smile!

I had to get a head shot. It had been a very long time, so long that I look like a different person in my last head shot. And the one before that, I looked like I was in kindergarten. But something happened –… Continue Reading “Smile! Big Smile!”

A Meditation on Aging and Marriage

We drink coffee and read the Sunday paper in bed. Before I get to the obits, I go downstairs for the churros that we bought yesterday at El Rey Mexican Market. I think what could be better than eating a churro and celebrating not… Continue Reading “A Meditation on Aging and Marriage”

What’s That You Say, Old Lady?

Tomorrow night, I’m going to a town hall meeting on the county budget. I’m going to speak about my deep belief that older adults are not a priority for local government, that we have been on the back burner so long, the pot has… Continue Reading “What’s That You Say, Old Lady?”

There is Coffee

And there is coffee with a doughnut. It would be hard to want more. But there have been plenty of times in my life when coffee and a doughnut just led to yearning for something else or finding fault with what I had. Maybe… Continue Reading “There is Coffee”

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