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What’s That You Say, Old Lady?

Tomorrow night, I’m going to a town hall meeting on the county budget. I’m going to speak about my deep belief that older adults are not a priority for local government, that we have been on the back burner so long, the pot has… Continue Reading “What’s That You Say, Old Lady?”

Today’s Gratitude Journey

Photo by Freshh Connection on Unsplash

I’m glad I’m not running for office, glad I don’t have to explain away my first boyfriend who belonged to the John Birch Society and drove a Jeep and tried to teach me to scuba dive which I couldn’t learn because I panicked in… Continue Reading “Today’s Gratitude Journey”

Meeting Michael Douglas

I went to a meet and greet today to meet and greet Michael Douglas who had flown to Wisconsin from L.A. on behalf of Michael Bloomberg. The meet and greet was in a couple’s house, an unpretentious place, with boxes of Starbucks coffee on… Continue Reading “Meeting Michael Douglas”

99 New: Puppetry

My friend and I took a giant puppet to a demonstration. The man who made the huge caricature of our governor, Scott Walker, supervised loading it into my truck. We tried loading the puppet head first but the top of the truck cover threatened… Continue Reading “99 New: Puppetry”

American Weather

Liars’ confetti Thick snow drifts, begging shovels Just scenery that  

Thank You, Donald Trump

When Donald Trump was elected, I decided it was time to be the political commentator I’d wanted to be when I was sixteen. I’ll get a spot on Medium, I thought, and just tear the bastard up with my laser analysis and searing prose.… Continue Reading “Thank You, Donald Trump”

Good Things That Could Happen Because of Trump

I’ve been overwhelmed with the catastrophe that is Donald Trump. The past month has been an elaborate and never-ending progression of fun house mirrors. Every day, there’s some more grotesque consequence, new ways that civil rights, sensibilities, and American traditions are stretched and distorted… Continue Reading “Good Things That Could Happen Because of Trump”

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