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Little Wisdoms

Everyone would sleep better if they opened the windows. Obligation is a toothless tiger. Rationed compliments and thank yous are resented more than appreciated. A dog will keep a person in their prime past their prime. If you are sad, buy a cup of… Continue Reading “Little Wisdoms”

Deep Winter Friday Round-Up

I can’t be in a clinical trial because I have a magnet in my head. I wrote about this a few days ago – being offered the opportunity to be in a research project testing the efficacy of an Alzheimer’s prevention drug. But regular… Continue Reading “Deep Winter Friday Round-Up”

A Handful of Lemons: Seven Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2019

Your kids go back to the places you took them years ago but the places aren’t as special as they remember. They’re worn out, faded, smaller than their recollections and they are disappointed. You’re not surprised. No place keeps the glow it had when… Continue Reading “A Handful of Lemons: Seven Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2019”

Five Thoughts On Tuesday Night

It’s 3 degrees here and getting colder tonight. There is frost on my office window so thick I can barely see the street though the streetlight and Christmas lights on the house across the way are shining. Like I have 500 times before, I see… Continue Reading “Five Thoughts On Tuesday Night”

The Melancholy of Sunday Night

It starts around 5:00. Before that, the day has hope. At 5:00, hope evaporates into little clouds of resignation that then gather and form a storm cloud of dread. It’s as if someone has given me a pill timed to dampen my mood and… Continue Reading “The Melancholy of Sunday Night”

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