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A few weeks ago, this mama duck was swimming solo. Her life on Little Lake Harbor on Lake Superior was sweet, uncomplicated. She paddled, ate, sat in the sun, floated with her friends, watched boats come and go and took care of herself. Then… Continue Reading “Ducks”

Heavy Lifting: Fifty Years of Mothering

I’m impressed you could carry that baby with one arm up the stairs. The baby actually has two arms but I get your drift. You’re surprised an old lady can carry a 24 pound baby on her hip and still hold on to the… Continue Reading “Heavy Lifting: Fifty Years of Mothering”

My Mamas

I love the mothers who failed but didn’t run away, maybe they drove to the end of the drivewayand then put the car in park. The mothers who had one too manywho forgot tomorrow is Easterand there are no chocolate bunniesbut there are eggs… Continue Reading “My Mamas”

Finding the Words, the Beautiful Words

This morning I wanted to remember Kahlil Gibran’s writing about children because I have been feeling lately like a life raft where all the people who were hanging on have swum away but they don’t want me to pull up anchor yet because they… Continue Reading “Finding the Words, the Beautiful Words”

I Get Toya Graham

Do I think Toya Graham is a hero? No. I think she’s a mom who went completely off her nut when she caught her son throwing rocks at the police in Baltimore. And I get that. I really do. She saw him in a… Continue Reading “I Get Toya Graham”

Dear Young Mom

Dear young mom, You look at me and see a grandmother who had her chance. You figure what I could tell you about being a mother would begin and end with a rotary phone. Nothing I know would apply now in this whole different… Continue Reading “Dear Young Mom”

Let’s Run This Lap Together

The disproportionality of the motherhood experience just smacks me in the face sometimes. We all start pretty much equal, right? We’re young women in our twenties, we get connected to someone, maybe get married, feel suddenly completely impelled to have children, impelled as if… Continue Reading “Let’s Run This Lap Together”

Lift the Anchor

Captain Nan’s was one of a dozen beautiful white boats bobbing in their slips on a dock lit by tiny white Christmas lights. Her sign said she did tours of Islamorada and that’s what I wanted. After years of staying in the same tiny… Continue Reading “Lift the Anchor”

It Could Happen or Not

It’s always other people’s children who get shot. Last week, a man was shot by a Milwaukee police officer. Although not all the facts are known, everyone seems ready to lay the shooting at the feet of mental illness. The thinking trajectory is that… Continue Reading “It Could Happen or Not”

My Little Book

So this morning I knocked on the shower curtain so my husband would peek out and tell me if I looked okay. Heading to a day of big meetings, I wanted a good, “Wow, you look really sharp!” from him. I got this: “You… Continue Reading “My Little Book”

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