Why Not Friday Round-Up

Why, Arizona can be a question or a place depending on whether you use a comma. The first time we came through “town” I saw the official sign for Why that included when it was established and how many people live there. So the whole time we were somewhere else I thought about how clever it would be to Instagram a photo of that sign with the caption, “This is Why,” but we couldn’t find the sign coming back without making a dozen U-turns to check out signs which you don’t want to do on AZ 85 when the sun is setting.

We’ve been gone for much of March, first to Alaska and then to Arizona. In both places we drank their local beer and we came home fat from thinking every night was a special occasion. We live now in the land of corporate beer and an unforgiving scale which I constantly adjust to make sure the line is exactly on the zero before I weigh myself. I lost half a pound that way this morning.

I stopped writing for a week and it felt good. It felt like I was out from under for a while, free of practically every obligation (being out of town and on the road a fair amount of time will do that), and free from thinking about whether anyone was reading what I had written. I quit the constant checking of my phone, turned off the reinforcement faucet for a while. I decided not to write anything until I missed writing which I did, finally, this morning. In anticipation, I started to make a list of themes last night but I forgot them until now.

Being physically present is no accident. We took a bit of a detour on our way from Phoenix to Organ Pipe National Park to see our grandkids in San Diego. And their parents. But mostly the grandkids – 5 year old twin boys and a 14 year old girl. It was six hours each way which is a lot for most people but not really for us because we like being on the road so much. The next morning while I sat watching TV with one boy, the other one, slow to wake, came out of his room, climbed up on the bed  and hugged me. I sat feeling his blond head resting on my back, his little wordless morning self. I didn’t want to breathe or speak lest he quit to run off and begin his day.

I delivered 4,379 tampons and pads and 60 pairs of women’s underwear to the Salvation Army today. This was after lunch with a good friend who asked me, quite pointedly, if delivering menstrual supplies was my end game for my Time of the Month Club effort or was there a bigger agenda and I told her, yes, that collecting menstrual supplies for homeless women gives me ‘talking rights’ on policy and programs which is true but also true is that packing my pink bags with boxes of tampons and pads and new underwear for women I don’t know and will probably never meet is weirdly the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. Don’t even ask me why. I have no clue.








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  1. I adored this post. You have such a way if connecting the oddest bits and pieces and making us think.

  2. What a fun and quirky post. You made me smile between the funny place sign, your grandson’s blonde head and your pink bags of purpose.

  3. Because even now, somehow “having your period” is somehow a bit humiliating and shameful. it’s so organic and messy and gory. Until they get really old, men never have to deal with such messiness. That’s all so … FEMALE. So giving that stuff to women makes a really important point, that there’s nothing humiliating or disgusting about our bodies, even though we have often been treated as if we ARE untouchable.

    Or anyway, that’s how I see it.

    • Truer words….you are so right. And it continues but I think it’s getting a wee bit better. We need to keep pushing for free access to menstrual supplies in schools and other public places. Menstrual equity – it’s becoming a thing, finally.

      • It certainly has taken long enough! I remember when Garry and I shared a house on the Vineyard with a bunch of other colleagues from Boston TV news. We were talking about stocking basic bathroom supplies, so they decided shaving cream and razors and a bunch of we ladies pointed out we also need tampons and pads and the men all turned pale and decided they didn’t need to order any supplies except toilet paper. We couldn’t even TALK about it. That was the 1990s. It’s nice to know we’ve made a little bit of progress.

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