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This is our new neighbor. She’s having a hard time fitting in. We’ve tried to help her by suggesting that she scale down just a bit and maybe give the barn swallows some space to fly around. That’s not true. We’ve only had one… Continue Reading “Superiority”

Farm Girl Passing

I love it that cows keep eating even in the rain. They don’t even look up. Rain is meaningless to them. This raises some questions. Are all cows born stoic, impervious to wet? Or did each learn that no one will come if they… Continue Reading “Farm Girl Passing”

We Know When to Quit

We didn’t press on. We turned back. It was the wise thing to do. Even if we had to turn our truck around on a narrow dirt logging road with shoulders made of deep soft sand. I had to get out of the truck… Continue Reading “We Know When to Quit”

White Pelicans in the Rain

It rained hard on the way home from Madison. So hard that I got off the freeway when I got to the outskirts of Milwaukee, opting for surface streets rather than the pinball machine that the freeway was becoming. All the way back, on… Continue Reading “White Pelicans in the Rain”


Today I watched a couple walking down the street near Walmart. She was pushing a baby in an umbrella stroller and trying to make her little girl – maybe 3 or 4 years old – hold on to the side of the stroller which… Continue Reading “Rowing”

Back from Gallivanting Friday Round-Up

I once went 843 consecutive days posting on my blog which seems, now, like a symptom of something. I remember the moment I realized I was going to miss a day. We were driving down a two-lane road to a campground next to some… Continue Reading “Back from Gallivanting Friday Round-Up”

The Gales of November

Tonight, I learned the meaning of the word fetch, used as a noun, to describe the growing power of wind and waves. This is especially pertinent to a lover of Lake Superior who is frequently at a loss to describe the lake’s extraordinary drama.… Continue Reading “The Gales of November”

I Swam

Down the beach, I see our neighbor swimmingHis gray head bobbing in the gentle wavesWhile he talks to his wife on the beachShe is collecting rocks, looking for agates, studying Then they switch, he comes on shore and she wades inI watch her in… Continue Reading “I Swam”

Night Fall

It is very hot so we unzip the flaps and open the tent windows to capture the slight breeze somehow dipping into the valley where we are camped. We are late to find a campsite because the first park was full, twenty slots with… Continue Reading “Night Fall”

Cool Cats

Right now, we are living in an Airbnb in San Diego. This is the view from our ‘kitchen’ window. It appears that no one in the neighborhood is over thirty and they are all wearing shorts. Our unit is a studio apartment – one… Continue Reading “Cool Cats”

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