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A Dying Rabbit, Retirement, and the Lack of Free Beer

Yesterday, a yellow rabbit lay near death under our front bushes. He was stretched out on his side, his front and back legs extended like he’d fallen over in mid leap. He looked more like a pelt than an animal. But, just when I… Continue Reading “A Dying Rabbit, Retirement, and the Lack of Free Beer”

Needle and Thread

When you leave something – a job, a group, an organization – it’s often surprising how quickly the space you left behind gets stitched up. Very soon, the stitches themselves get worn flat and no one can really tell, unless they get real up… Continue Reading “Needle and Thread”

Retirement Village

We liked looking at other people’s fine dogs but we got homesick for our own. So we came back from Duluth today while the Beargrease sled dog teams were still running, to retrieve our own two sled dogs from the kennel. Before the kennel… Continue Reading “Retirement Village”

Swivel Chair

My old tax returns made me sad. I looked at my business income, held that year’s wad of 1099’s from clients, and then fed each year’s tax return into the shredder. One can’t make a scrap book out of financial records, after all, so they… Continue Reading “Swivel Chair”

Q and A with an Emerging Iconoclast

Q:  I hear you’re changing your life. A:  Yeah. My plan is to become an iconoclast. Q:  How does one go about that? Are there steps to becoming iconic? Are you taking a class? A:  I’m taking a t’ai chi class but there are… Continue Reading “Q and A with an Emerging Iconoclast”

Maybe, Maybe Not

A few days ago, we met with our new financial advisers. They were two men in their thirties, handsome, perfectly groomed in tailored suits, and exceptionally tall. Standing in the elevator with them, I felt like a nine-year-old bringing a bag of quarters to… Continue Reading “Maybe, Maybe Not”


Fingers pressing notes One hand where a horn would be New man in his chair   _____________ Photo: Patrick Pilz

In Love with Heels

Her: I thought you were out of gas. Me: I was never out of gas. I just decided to park it for a while. Contemplate the future. Her: Sounds like retirement to me. Me: Well, people do retire. I’d say most people my age… Continue Reading “In Love with Heels”

Second Wind

A funny thing happened to me on my ride into the sunset. I took a left turn. Somehow, somewhere, but not somewhat, the slumping shoulders straightened. It’s like swimming laps with the timing clock ticking off the few seconds of rest and hearing myself… Continue Reading “Second Wind”

Bringing in the Sheaves

My day was mixed. I got up early to work on an analysis of our city’s new coordinated entry system for people who are homeless. I am at home with data, tallying things in new directions, finding patterns hidden from the less patient. This… Continue Reading “Bringing in the Sheaves”

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