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We’re Still Here Friday Round-Up

There are worse things than this. That is our mantra and so far it’s working even though some days are long and small. Pets are extraordinary blessings in times like this. I say this even though last night Punchy chewed the collar off one… Continue Reading “We’re Still Here Friday Round-Up”

Staying at Home Friday Round-Up

We went to get gas today. It felt a little like Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in Gravity trying to fix their spaceship what with all the gloves and wipes and required synchronization. I think we did alright, we’ll know in 14 days. “Stay… Continue Reading “Staying at Home Friday Round-Up”

Head Swimming Friday Round-Up

We strung Christmas lights in my office to cheer up passers-by and ourselves. It worked, at least for us. There is a reason people leave their Christmas trees up for months. It makes them feel better – about something – in our case, impending… Continue Reading “Head Swimming Friday Round-Up”

Thank God It’s Over Friday Round-Up

My husband’s big retirement event was tonight. At the end of it, he was happy, really happy. It could not have been a better send-off for him. More about that tomorrow when I’ll have more pictures. Two of my intrepid kids were there, one… Continue Reading “Thank God It’s Over Friday Round-Up”

36th Anniversary Friday Round-Up

Today is our 36th anniversary. Every year I say the same thing – about how we had only been dating a short while and were engaged for all of a week – a Tuesday to Tuesday proposition – and how it all seemed unreal and… Continue Reading “36th Anniversary Friday Round-Up”

Oh My! Friday Round-Up

Photo by Nosiuol on Unsplash

I listened to myself on the radio today. And, to be honest, it made me tear up a little bit. I’m just a little elf of a writer so reading an essay on our local public radio station is a big deal. I will… Continue Reading “Oh My! Friday Round-Up”

You Don’t Know How He’ll Turn Out Valentine’s Day Friday Round-Up

When you marry a man, you have no idea how he’ll turn out. There’s a lot of baiting and switching in romance, if you ask me. The handsome, fun-loving guy you start with can prune up, become a tightwad, and never budge from the… Continue Reading “You Don’t Know How He’ll Turn Out Valentine’s Day Friday Round-Up”

Hurry Up Friday Round-Up

Photo by Simon on Unsplash

Tomorrow, unless something goes awry, I’m going to meet Michael Douglas. Meeting a movie star is a bit out of the ordinary for me so I’m puzzled as to what to wear, my wardrobe mainly consisting of skinny jeans, big sweaters, and my LL… Continue Reading “Hurry Up Friday Round-Up”

Good Grief Friday Round-Up

I’m such a little due diligence rosebud. And so rule compliant it isn’t funny. So naturally I think everyone should want to do things by the book when having an impeachment trial. And wouldn’t the trial rule book say you have to have witnesses?… Continue Reading “Good Grief Friday Round-Up”

Roadside Giants Friday Round-Up

“This isn’t a place a person ought to work if they don’t have options.” A colleague said that to me during a particularly fractious and professionally precarious time at the anti-poverty agency where we both worked. I quit when my ethics ran up against… Continue Reading “Roadside Giants Friday Round-Up”

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