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Did You Mow in Straight Lines Friday Round-Up

Anxiety, self-doubt, accomplishment, laughter, fear, loathing, it was just your run-of-the-mill pandemic, presidential- coup-on-the-horizon kind of week. We are, you all realize, getting to the point where nothing really fazes us. It’s not numbness. I don’t think we’re numb. I think we have extremely… Continue Reading “Did You Mow in Straight Lines Friday Round-Up”

Nome Friday Round-Up

Not that many places are unforgettable but I think Nome is. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be back. What I’ve collected up this week by way of stones and stories will have to do. I’ve thought about that the whole time, telling myself… Continue Reading “Nome Friday Round-Up”

They Moved the Finish Line Friday Round-Up

No normalcy for a while, folks. Normalcy has been postponed until you’ve forgotten what it would look like. Dr. Fauci delivered this news today wearing one of his trademark button down shirts. He is an extremely fine old man, if you ask me. That… Continue Reading “They Moved the Finish Line Friday Round-Up”

Only for Now Friday Round-Up

We are having a socially-distanced family gathering at the park on Sunday. This works pretty well now but sitting six feet apart under the trees will be challenging for Thanksgiving and Christmas in Wisconsin. Things could change by then, but I don’t think so.… Continue Reading “Only for Now Friday Round-Up”

We Had Fish Tofu, Did You? Friday Round-Up

Republicans in Wisconsin are quickly gearing up to rip those life-saving masks right off our faces. Our Democratic governor super slow-walked a mask mandate, finally took the leap yesterday, and within seconds, Republican “leaders’ announced their plan to convene a special legislative session to… Continue Reading “We Had Fish Tofu, Did You? Friday Round-Up”

Mostly Out of Gas Friday Round-Up

This is how we feel about the fucking pandemic. I am not sleeping on the grass because I would have to make room in my Covid-obsessed brain to be worried about ticks. And, obviously, that would not be possible so, instead, I photographed my… Continue Reading “Mostly Out of Gas Friday Round-Up”

Oh Well Friday Round-Up

My husband went to the Asian Market today. This is a food mecca for him. He buys great bunches of Thai basil and bean sprouts and, during normal times, jars of mysterious sauces which, once opened, stay in our refrigerator for decades.Today, as a… Continue Reading “Oh Well Friday Round-Up”

Nut So Bad Friday Round-Up

The big news here is that I am not nuts. I have been nuts for several weeks, in a near constant state of anxiety and dread, nervous at the most cellular level about the future but, incredibly, all that is gone. I am still… Continue Reading “Nut So Bad Friday Round-Up”

Rum Rationing Friday Round-Up

I started using a shot glass to measure out my rum. This drastic, Depression-era step came about because a) I was running out of rum, and b) there was never any room for the Coke. I darned my mittens. So now, my beloved Green… Continue Reading “Rum Rationing Friday Round-Up”

Wave the Black Flag Friday Round-Up

How do you protest in a pandemic if you’re not an idiot? You do it in your cars, that’s how. We organized a car protest in a high school parking lot that brought out 45 cars and maybe twice as many people, all masked… Continue Reading “Wave the Black Flag Friday Round-Up”

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