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Unsettled Week Friday Round-Up

Friends lost an adult child/grandchild to suicide. This isn’t the first child/grandchild they have lost. I think of this many times during the day and wake up at night thinking about it. But I don’t feel frantic about needing to do something or fix… Continue Reading “Unsettled Week Friday Round-Up”

Out of Gum Friday Round-Up

It’s like old times with the rabid anti-abortion protestors coming to town. This is the week that the well-known national hate group Operation Save America is converging on Milwaukee to scream at passers-by and harass women coming to appointments at local abortion clinics. This… Continue Reading “Out of Gum Friday Round-Up”

Dig It Friday Round-Up

I feel like I’ve aged five years in a month. It’s like the age fairy got fed up with my prancing around thinking I was forty and decided to just slam the door on that nonsense. Actually, it’s the result of getting my cataracts… Continue Reading “Dig It Friday Round-Up”

Bugged Friday Round-Up

Photo by James Wainscoat on Unsplash

I asked a friend in recovery how it was to not be drinking and he responded that he never thought about it until someone asked. This gave me pause. What was I hoping to accomplish with the question? Did I want an actual answer… Continue Reading “Bugged Friday Round-Up”

Upper Peninsula Chainsaw Friday Round-Up

Photo by Michael Fenton on Unsplash

I’m of the opinion that it’s healthy to regularly do things you’re afraid to do. I like this idea as a professional thing more than a personal one. For instance, I might be afraid to write a huge federal grant with a lot of… Continue Reading “Upper Peninsula Chainsaw Friday Round-Up”

May Bee Friday Round-Up

I work with a group with a deep belief in pizza. We had a meeting tonight during which I ate two big cups of popcorn with mega butter and a Snickers bar. Then the pizza came. Oh, I eschewed the pizza, yes, I did,… Continue Reading “May Bee Friday Round-Up”

Saturday Afternoon Friday Round-Up

I wrote an essay on the plane that may be the best thing I ever wrote. I love sitting in a window seat with my laptop on the little fold-down table, all tucked in and cozy, looking at the clouds and sky, the little… Continue Reading “Saturday Afternoon Friday Round-Up”

Dog Days Friday Round-Up

The point of a writing class is to write stuff you wouldn’t otherwise write. This week I wrote an essay about cobwebs in which I rhapsodized about the nasty, looping cobwebs in our ancient basement. And in so doing I figured out many things.… Continue Reading “Dog Days Friday Round-Up”

For Crying Out Loud Friday Round-Up

I live in a country that is deporting an 11-year old girl because her paperwork got screwed up by bureaucrats. Hopefully, her attorneys will be able to stop this madness. But think of this: whoever was in charge didn’t just step up and fix… Continue Reading “For Crying Out Loud Friday Round-Up”

Worn Out Friday Round-Up

The one good thing about putting a dog down is not having to think anymore about putting the dog down. I really hate dread. So much so that I wake up many mornings and say to myself, what am I dreading today? This is… Continue Reading “Worn Out Friday Round-Up”