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Deep Winter Friday Round-Up

I can’t be in a clinical trial because I have a magnet in my head. I wrote about this a few days ago – being offered the opportunity to be in a research project testing the efficacy of an Alzheimer’s prevention drug. But regular… Continue Reading “Deep Winter Friday Round-Up”

February Friday Round-Up

I own a beautiful pair of mukluks. It has to be really cold and dry to wear them like it is now in Milwaukee – 5 degrees – because they are ridiculously warm and too beautiful to risk getting wet. They are a bit… Continue Reading “February Friday Round-Up”

99 New: November Friday Round-Up

I often hate my pajamas. You would think a person of my age and stature ought to have a closet full of perfect pajamas but it isn’t true. It’s the crotch, it’s the sleeves, it’s something riding up or twisting so I have to… Continue Reading “99 New: November Friday Round-Up”

99 New: Friday Round-Up

Our dog is on his last legs. This is the term I hope people use with me when I can’t walk down one stair without studying it for five minutes, when I go out in the yard and immediately plop down on the grass, when… Continue Reading “99 New: Friday Round-Up”

Friday Round-Up: Tired

We are going camping for a week. The last time we camped it took an hour and a half to put up the tent. We could feel neighboring campers put down their marshmallows to watch. So I bought a pop-up tent which, just like… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: Tired”

The Prayer March

Last summer, a young boy in Milwaukee was killed in a drive-by shooting. He was running up the stairs of his grandmother’s house to say goodbye before he went fishing with his dad. He died on his grandma’s stairs. This fact hit me hard.… Continue Reading “The Prayer March”

Old Time Radio

AM radio Motown slick singing snapping Hip girl window moon

Friday Round-Up: Unshorn

Every week is interesting in its own cute way. Sometimes the cuteness is wee, a charm from a cereal box. Sometimes the cuteness is epic like Mt. Rushmore. This one is more like the latter than the former. I got an email last Friday… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: Unshorn”

Friday Round-Up: Don’t Try Me

I quit working and now I have no time to puzzle over myself. I surrendered my ego because tending to it had become taxing and boring. And as soon as I did that, I became a powerful person. This isn’t a self-help statement or… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: Don’t Try Me”

Friday Round-Up: Going to the Dogs

The days of this week couldn’t be more different. But that is how it should be. Sameness ruins people. What came out of this variegated leaf of a week? We dreamt of a new dog, a Samoyed we would name Jak. But because we… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: Going to the Dogs”

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