Bee That As It May Friday Round-Up

I was approached by a very nice woman wearing a high-collared tweed jacket who asked if I’d consider becoming a hand model for a national, high end lotion company. She said I’d have to stop mopping the floors on my hands and knees with no rubber gloves and slather my hands with Vaseline before covering them with mittens every night. It seemed legit but the pay was a little short for all the inconvenience.

The plumber came very early to fix the broken faucet outside and then unbeknownst to me he came up to our bedroom to check the water pressure in the bathroom, after which he collapsed on our unmade bed and napped for a full 15 minutes before we could roust him. I’ve never had this happen before so I was really at a loss for words. Happily, my husband is very skilled at dealing with service personnel and was able to move him along.

Due to voter suppression that has resulted in a negative number of people being able to vote, our city has opted to replace the mayoral election next week with a coin toss. There is, of course, much discussion about the coin to be used. A bi-partisan commission has been tasked with finding a penny on the sidewalk that looks guiltless enough to be used. They walk, stumbling and shoving, drunk with power, all through downtown.

I’ve looked into it and I think keeping bees would be a good next step for us as a couple. We’ve never had a joint hobby – no bowling league or ballroom dancing here. So, beekeeping could be fun. I like the outfits a lot. And there’s a wee bit of risk which could provide some excitement in our little pandemic – pandemic’s gone – pandemic’s back life.

Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, an old-line Republican who recently came out of retirement to temporarily head the University of Wisconsin System, a job of dramatic importance in this state which he did well in our hyper-partisan, anti-education environment, went to visit Donald Trump in Florida yesterday as part of his process of considering to run for Governor again. It would have been more fitting had the visit happened today. Oh well.


Photo by Shelby Cohron on Unsplash

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  1. Florida may be in a competition with Wisconsin to shrink the voters. Kind of a weight loss contest between the two.

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