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Friday Round-Up: The First Week of My New Life

It was a week without make-up. At first because there was no time because I was getting up at 3:45 am to drive across town to work at one of our town’s warming rooms for the homeless. But then it was because I liked… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: The First Week of My New Life”

Friday Round-Up: DC Dash

The trick about road trips, especially short ones, is to know where you will end up for the night but not really care how you get there. Take today’s little jaunt, for instance. We started at a lovely hotel in downtown Washington, a stone’s… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up: DC Dash”

Friday Five: December 1, 2017

Last night, I sat with a group of homeless women and then a group of homeless men and asked them questions about being homeless that only they can answer, questions they don’t get asked very often because people are too busy helping them to… Continue Reading “Friday Five: December 1, 2017”

Friday Round-Up – Boot Hill

“The world is too much with us.” I want more and less at the same time. I want more challenge and achievement. I want days crammed with doing. But I want to go on long walks and carry nothing with me except my phone… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up – Boot Hill”

Friday Round-Up A Day Late

A Friday Round-Up a day late could make it a Saturday Round-Up. There is that thought. Never mind. The oddest thing about my week is that someone left a piano in front of my house. People down the street moved out, left the piano at… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up A Day Late”

Nome Friday Round-Up

Not that many places are unforgettable but I think Nome is. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll ever be back. What I’ve collected up this week by way of stones and stories will have to do. I’ve thought about that the whole time, telling myself… Continue Reading “Nome Friday Round-Up”

Friday Round-Up

My dog is not dying, to my knowledge. but people have been keeling over all over town. A friend once told me my consulting business would fold when my colleagues retired. I survived that but now folks are just plain dying. There are no… Continue Reading “Friday Round-Up”

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