Hands Full Friday Round-Up

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is a perverse skill. Which it seems our beloved President Joe Biden has in his repertoire. Who keeps top secret documents in his garage next to his beloved Corvette? I might equate the two but the normal citizen would not. One is more valuable than the other. Curses.

Swirl has eaten three pairs of the six-pack of reading glasses I bought for $12.95. He’s chomped on the red and the blue and one pair of the very sedate professorial looking rust colored pair. I found the ‘lenses’ (such as they are) in his ancient dog bed, so, at least he had the sense not to swallow them. Tomorrow, I order a new batch.

My mind was like meat loaf today. I swam in a lane next to an old friend this afternoon. I thought, as I swam, that I could create an essay out of my thoughts, one of those long, run-on sentence, prose poem type essays that would include everything from my cramping foot to reviews of an old man’s back flip dives to the sublime way I push off the wall and just so smoothly rise to the surface on my freestyle but I lost all that in the scent of the cheap hotel lotion I put on after a too-hot shower.

One way to be a leader is to not be the only one saying what you’re saying. If you’re the only person saying something important, you’re making a speech. If you’re one of a dozen people saying the same thing, you’re organizing. It’s easy doing the first, tiring to do the second. I remind myself.

I spent last week being a beautiful person’s mother. I am always her mother and the mother of others but I have, still, the pile of myself to deal with, to make something of, to direct toward some purpose, to achieve something worthwhile, beyond them. If I were to say something to younger women who are mothers, it would be this – always have something precious to hold that isn’t your children.


Photo by Fernando Lavin on Unsplash

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  1. ‘Always have something precious to hold that is not your children’ – Jan, what wonderful advice to give to any mother. Maybe we will ALWAYS be mothers, but we will never ONLY be mothers <3

  2. each time we take 3 steps forward something like the documents come to light, very frustrating and self-defeating

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