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Ten Little Thoughts

If you finally give up the running shoes that you paid a hundred dollars for and worn for a year even though they kill your feet, the guy at Goodwill will smile and the Mistake Police won’t arrest you. The benefit of having a… Continue Reading “Ten Little Thoughts”


I put a yellow rose in my grandmother’s casket. I asked the funeral director to let me into the room early so I could hide the rose between her arm and the silk folds of the casket lining. Her grave is just a few… Continue Reading “Heritage”

The White Binder

My brother had our parents’ stuff laid out like a well-organized garage sale with no price tags. Relatives were picking up and putting down my mother’s costume jewelry which was arranged in rows on the basement ping pong table. I found a locket that… Continue Reading “The White Binder”

Some Things Take a Long Time to Learn

The key to being able to truly feel gratitude is to want less and accept more.  I say this, of course, after already having lived a life that has been abundant with many things but knowing that it’s possible and common to have great… Continue Reading “Some Things Take a Long Time to Learn”


I pushed the button for the 14th floor, the tower suite. I got off the elevator and looked down at my feet. I was barefoot. This seemed crazy to me although I often go barefoot, not to meetings, though, never before had I been… Continue Reading “Dreamlike”

Walk Away

We had a red cocker spaniel named Rusty. We had this dog for a long time, from before I was born until I was nine or ten. And then she disappeared. My dad said she just walked off. She was very old, he said,… Continue Reading “Walk Away”

Prepare a Place for Me

There was only one reason why my father would be calling me. My mother must be dead. He explained how it happened, how just last week he had given up taking care of her at home, that for the third time, she’d gone limp… Continue Reading “Prepare a Place for Me”

Painting after a Funeral

I am tired from the painting and the funeral-going, the driving, the turnpikes, the rain in sheets, blinding us in the midst of giant, careening trucks, their drivers late for dinner, the turnpike shoulders taken up by construction, orange cones in blurry lines, relatives… Continue Reading “Painting after a Funeral”


Tall woman long coat Echoes of generations Sound in her greeting ________________ Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Finding Them

We set out to find my husband’s parents’ graves. We hadn’t been back to the cemetery in suburban Chicago since his father’s death 12 years ago. So we drove there today, GPS’d our way to the cemetery’s gates and then parked in front of… Continue Reading “Finding Them”

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