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100 Word Story: Monument

The sand was soft, not packed hard like she’d imagined. It made running down the giant dune wild and hard. She liked this, the risk and the sun going down. It had been a dream. The ranger waved his arms, shouted words that floated… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Monument”

100 Word Story: Writers Showcase

I made banana muffins from a Jiffy mix because I only had one egg and I was in a hurry and couldn’t very well show up empty-handed, not after people invited me expecting I would bring something grand and impressive, something decorated with pink… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Writers Showcase”

100 Word Story: Fifty Years

Inside the front and back covers of her ancient copy of The Prophet were sayings and quotations written in a tiny upright hand by a girl with long straight hair who lived in the room next to hers in the dorm on the corner… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Fifty Years”

100 Word Story: Blink

“We could run into a bear,you know.”  My husband says this while we are walking our two sled dogs in the forest.  What are bears like in late fall? Are they ravenous, wanting to store up calories? Or are they tired of the world,… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Blink”

100 Word Story: Catch

“Is that your cat?” “Yes, he is. Can you catch him?” “I don’t catch cats.” The man wiped his bumpy nose with the back of his hand. “Maybe you could do it this one time, just as a favor to a stranger.” The man… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Catch”

99 New: Two Bits

Left on the dresser, the last time he emptied his pockets before dying on the bathroom floor, a jackknife, a folded-up note, and two bits.


The car still smelled like french fries from the last time. She cracked the window and looked at her phone shining like a camping flashlight on her lap. She scrolled through Facebook and her email, looking up every few seconds to check the mirrors,… Continue Reading “6:11”

Eight Dollars and Change

She did everything the doctor said but lock the upstairs window. She knew that letting the boy sneak in each night made her whole life his prey, but the things he stole kept them connected, mother and son, one leaving one taking.

#5/100: A Quick Slice

If you leave now, they’ll all know you did it, you’ll be guilty, they’ll never let you go, just stay put, wipe the sauce off your lip, there, I’ll deal with you later. _________ All my 33-worders are dedicated to Trifecta, a great little… Continue Reading “#5/100: A Quick Slice”

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