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100 Word Story: Falling

 “They say her house fell into the lake.” Angela liked telling this story, everybody stopping their walk through the woods to hear more. “It was on a bluff and then the bluff eroded and the house was lost.” Was it a landslide or an… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Falling”

100 Word Story: Leavings

“The mailman left a sock in the mailbox.” Bernie threw the mail on the table – three store flyers, a political ad, and a white sock. Harriett rifled through the mail, then held up the sock with two fingers. “At least it’s clean.” “Do… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Leavings”

100 Word Story: Fowl Natured

Mary knew it was a prairie chicken right away even though she had never seen one in person or in a book. It was fat and close to the ground and waddled like an old lady who had parked too far from the grocery… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Fowl Natured”

100 Word Story: Walking in the Neighborhood

“Amy! Put the squirrel down!” Amy dropped the squirrel but stood over it hanging her head. The squirrel moved one tiny arm as if to wave hello. This always happened on their walks. Amy would fall in love with something and not want to… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Walking in the Neighborhood”

100 Word Story: Pillow Talk

“There’s another way to think about this, Sandy.” He hadn’t seen visited his sister for ten years but could see right away what she should do. He continued. “Call the Humane Society. They’ll take care of everything.” “I don’t need to do that. I’ll… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Pillow Talk”

100 Word Story: Regret

Barbara told Ricardo to keep his hands to himself and drive. But Ricardo decided Barbara didn’t mean what she said so he kept crawling his hand up her leg until she opened the door when he slowed for a red light and hopped out… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Regret”

100 Word Story: Hospital Hallway

The nurse pointed to the break room. “There’s a coffee pot in there. Help yourself.” What was left in the pot was the day’s sludge, thick, undrinkable, so I filled a coffee cup with tap water. There was chocolate pudding in little plastic containers,… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Hospital Hallway”

100 Word Story: Pace

It was hot. It had been hot for days. And the nights were fraught, the windows not yet fully open to summer and sleep scarce under winter blankets. Sometimes, there were bursts of sound. Gunfire, she thought, though he said firecrackers. He said that… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Pace”

100 Word Story: Pump Chat

“How often do you come here?” “Here where? To this city? Or this gas pump?” “Gas pump. Do you know the guy who owns the place?” “No. Should I?” “He’s famous. He swam the English Channel.” “And now he owns a gas station? How… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Pump Chat”

100 Word Story: Leather Work

Linda wore tall brown boots because they made her feel well and powerful like a person who could drive a truck and walk through the muck of spring woods to an appointment with an important government official.  “I like your boots,” he said. “That… Continue Reading “100 Word Story: Leather Work”

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