Eight Dollars and Change

She did everything the doctor said but lock the upstairs window. She knew that letting the boy sneak in each night made her whole life his prey, but the things he stole kept them connected, mother and son, one leaving one taking.

26 Comments on “Eight Dollars and Change

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  2. A fragile connection for mother and son, but one that says ‘I still care about you.’ Open window; open heart. I loved this, Jan.

  3. The simple structure and language of this made it feel like a confessional. I wouldn’t be surprised if this actually happened/happens. I imagine being willing to open yourself up to your children no matter the cost is a sacrifice many mothers must face. You’ve captured it completely here.

  4. There is something between a mother and her child – dare I say especially a son – that makes it hard to close that door. Or window. We always want to see the good in them, help them, and have hope. Not necessarily healthy for either side in this case, I guess. There is something beautiful in the way you present this flawed connection.

  5. Wow. First entry in any of these “Gargleblasters” I’ve read…if they are all this good, what great reading this will be!

  6. “one leaving one taking”–I love this duality, and the “fruitful ambiguity.”

  7. Love this take, Jan. Especially that it was so rebellious : )

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