Swirl’s Chewed Things: Haute Cuisine

Hello. I am Swirl.

I ate the New York Times French onion soup recipe tonight. Not all of it. But enough. It has too much cheese. That’s why.

The people put toppings on my dinner. My kibble is crummy. It’s for dogs with bad kidneys so I don’t like it. So, to make me want to eat it, the people tonight put on one tablespoon of finely diced smoked sausage, a quarter slice of french bread sliced into little bits, and a teaspoon of butter melted for 45 seconds. Stirred.

Sometimes, there is baked sweet potato which is nice but gets tiresome very soon. Green beans must be freshly cooked to be good. I don’t do fresh fruit. Or soup. I hate it when my kibble gets gloppy.

I am discerning.

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  1. We all seem to face diet changes as we grow older Swirl. It’s tough for sure but I understand the standards. Sometimes you just can’t compromise.

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