I Made This Myself!

I need to get back to work soon. I’m starting to make things.

No, wait, I’m starting to think I ought to make things. You know, since I’m not an income generator at the moment because of my cochlear implant rehab, I ought to find ways to be useful.

Like I figured, why pay $40 for a pot of evergreens and bows at our neighborhood Christmas tree joint when I could just make my own from the branches trimmed from our own trees last week? I mean, how complicated can it be? A few bows and whatnot, my great design eye and, boom, voila!, a Christmas display for the front porch.

Porch GreensIt looks better than this. I just couldn’t get the right angle for the photo. Plus it was getting dark so you kind of miss the whole vibrancy thing. Really, in good light, the piece is electric.

It’s not going to be a new hobby. I think it’s more like a one and done proposition. Time to try some other crafts. Like candle-making. Wood carving, I think, is too advanced for me.

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