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Making Space

It’s amazing how little time it takes for the crazy to become normal. You can be having a completely normal life and then, boom, stuff starts happening. The right rear burner on your stove quits working. The front door only locks from the inside.… Continue Reading “Making Space”

The Carved Fish in Nome

The carved fish in Nome is like Bart, the guitar player I met on the train who got off in Laramie, leaving me to continue on to Sacramento with my little daughter and my fiction that had she not been there, I’d have gone… Continue Reading “The Carved Fish in Nome”

Two Days Married

It took only two days to know it was a mistake. It takes years for some people. And then the realization comes only after much analysis and backtracking, bundles of tapes that get spliced and replayed until the boredom of it all chases one… Continue Reading “Two Days Married”

The Rebuked Apology

Interpersonal warfare has many dimensions. In the giant storeroom of weapons and strategies, next to the M16’s and poison arrows, is the rebuked apology. This is the scalpel of conflict, the slitting of the aorta, the permanent solution. There is no coming back from… Continue Reading “The Rebuked Apology”

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