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Pool Girls

Yesterday, at our weekly swim date at the local county-run pool, my friend announced that she’d forgotten her swimming suit. She rifled through her backpack a second and third time, took out all the assorted bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion, found her goggles… Continue Reading “Pool Girls”


I’ve about had it with bras. This morning, I reached for a long-sleeved t-shirt and a turtleneck (we’re up north, don’t you know, so I have to layer) and looked around for my bra which I had left downstairs. Lest you think otherwise, I… Continue Reading “Emancipation”


Fenced-in hound barking Hungering, listening sharp Free dogs prancing by   ______________ Photo: Tim Mossholder

An Eagle on the 4th of July

I sat at the end of a dock today, waiting for the bald eagle that we had been watching off and on for the past hour to emerge from his perch and take flight again. Earlier, he’d flown over the lake in front of… Continue Reading “An Eagle on the 4th of July”

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