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Heady Friday Round-Up

This was a week of a lot. There was a lot of setting the alarm for early meetings, a lot of faces in little Zoom boxes, a lot of diapers in the trash bags Swirl ripped open and scattered about, a lot of puzzling… Continue Reading “Heady Friday Round-Up”

Live in the Moment Friday Round-Up

If you are bored, you have only yourself to blame. This is one of my Puritan mama’s favorite sayings. Actually, she only needed to say it two or three times before it became embedded in my head like a wasp in your ear that… Continue Reading “Live in the Moment Friday Round-Up”

Extra Mayo Friday Round-Up

I want my epitaph to read “She showed up.” Fortunately, there won’t be room on the headstone to talk about lost keys and spilled coffee and long lists of wrongfully heard sentences or the myriad ways in which someone’s performance as a supportive person… Continue Reading “Extra Mayo Friday Round-Up”

Rope a Mope Friday Round-Up

There are weeks when there is nothing good to say. This might be one of them except the heat broke which gave the week a point it would otherwise not have. My petunias are leggy and turning brown, the tiny gnats are nesting around… Continue Reading “Rope a Mope Friday Round-Up”

Outta Gas Friday Round-Up

For a person who doesn’t get paid, I did a good job this week. And I am as wrung out and lumpy as I used to be when I worked for financial reward. I ask – is this a good thing to be so… Continue Reading “Outta Gas Friday Round-Up”

Goat Girl Friday Round-Up

I could see from my vantage point in the woods that three ducks on that log would never work. I think they had some long term issue going on. It had that kind of vibe. They were so preoccupied they didn’t care that I… Continue Reading “Goat Girl Friday Round-Up”

Smells Like Work Friday Round-Up

Simone Biles tells the world that her brain has temporarily disconnected from her body and she can’t go flying and flipping in the air without risking breaking her neck and people are criticizing her? Without looking, I’m betting the most vehement critics are men… Continue Reading “Smells Like Work Friday Round-Up”

Two-Sentence Friday Round-Up

Life gives you lemons and sometimes gives you babies. And it works out best if you don’t puzzle over it and just decide to be cool whatever happens. Today was the day I ditched my patience with people who aren’t vaccinated. This includes strangers… Continue Reading “Two-Sentence Friday Round-Up”

Pink Ribbons Friday Round-Up

We successfully turned our backyard/dog yard into a party yard for tomorrow’s baby shower. It will work well if no one looks too closely at the quality of the grass or is bothered by flies which have come out of nowhere to drive us… Continue Reading “Pink Ribbons Friday Round-Up”

Somewhat Grumpy Friday Round-Up

It’s true that I’m watching Julia Child make shrimp mousse. And I’m remembering how many times, in that era, I suspended various items in gelatin, which isn’t exactly mousse but as close as I ever came. One of my favorites was canned sweet cherries… Continue Reading “Somewhat Grumpy Friday Round-Up”

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