“Are these comfortable?” The Target cashier had just scanned the tag on the two sports bras I was buying and was folding them delicately into a bag.

“Yes! They’re great.”

She went on, “I’ve been trying to find a comfortable bra my whole life.” She was about fifty, I think.

“I have one of these on right now and it’s really comfortable. That’s why I came back and bought two more.”

I wanted to expound – tell her that the bra never rides up and that it feels like a sweet hug all day, that there are no bones or structure of any kind, and that I feel a lot like when I was just married, and I’d come home from work and put on a long flowing dress and just be unrestrained the rest of the evening. But it was a lot of history to share, our having just met.

She handed me the bag. “Yeah, I gave up and decided to just wear sports bras on the weekend.”

I smiled at her. Just the weekend. Why just the weekend? I’d decided months ago that I’d only wear a regular bra if the dinner was going to cost us more than a hundred dollars. Any occasion less expensive, I’d be in a sports bra.

“It’s kind of a life’s work, finding a comfortable bra,” I said, pulling my credit card out of the little machine.

“It really is.” The cashier shook her head.

I didn’t tell her that my work is done. I have found the promised land at Target. I didn’t tell her that, but I think she got the drift. All things are possible. Keep searching.


Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

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  1. I was just excited to finally have anything to put in a bra when I had my first baby! As for gravity–it exists, underwear or no. I remember my grandmother’s bosom settling somewhere near her waist. I now see how that can happen.

  2. I’m fascinated by the pic you used – one person’s bra collection? or the contents of the Charity shop Bra Bin? or ….

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