Outta Gas Friday Round-Up

For a person who doesn’t get paid, I did a good job this week. And I am as wrung out and lumpy as I used to be when I worked for financial reward. I ask – is this a good thing to be so fried or a bad thing? I could argue both positions. On the one hand, I’m certainly engaged; on the other, I dream about skipping town and being on the road a lot of the time.

Whoever said 80% of success is showing up was right. Lately, I’ve been encountering more folks who’ve decided that one’s intention to show up is the same as actually showing up. No. They’re usually the same folks who believe their lives are more hectic and jam-packed than everyone else’s. No. You say you’re going to show, you gotta show, the chaos in your life notwithstanding.

I drive a convertible but it’s too hot to put the top down. This is a terrible thing. In the old days, when my car’s air conditioning work, I’d occasionally put the top down and then crank up the air at stoplights to deal with the heat. Now heat blasts from where cold air used to flow. It’s hideous. Even a hat won’t help when it’s sunny and 90 degrees.

Our mayor is going to become the ambassador to Luxembourg. This is a country about the same size as our city but without the pesky problems of racism and poverty. He’s a nice man but profoundly weak as a leader. Luxembourg. Could Biden have found a smaller country for our poor mayor?

We are three weeks out from having a new granddaughter. This is fairly amazing since her mother has significant health challenges but, has, so far, confounded the medical folks with her sturdiness. The birth itself is the stuff of many team meetings involving intricate planning and cross-disciplinary debate. Throughout all this, though, baby girl is growing like crazy, doing all the things healthy babies do right before they’re born, and even occasionally smiling at us during the weekly ultrasound.


Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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  1. So exciting to be awaiting a baby. We are doing the same–Juan Pablo’s first daughter due in a month. J.P. is my housekeeper Yolanda’s oldest son.

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