99 New: Toothy

I told the dentist that the gold crown in his hand which he was about to re-cement on my #15 had been put in forty years ago by a dentist who, because I had no dental insurance at the time, let me pay off the $250 charge in $25 increments. Today’s dentist was astonished by this as if it was a fable involving talking bunnies rather than a real life experience and he then proceeded to tell me about all the new dental technology as if I hadn’t been to a dentist since. (He skipped over the payment plan part.) It was sweet in a way, his desire to update me, but it quickly became tiresome so I told him about how the gold crown dentist used to sing to me while he was working and that disconcerted today’s dentist much like it had me forty years ago.

5 Comments on “99 New: Toothy

  1. I like how you nonplussed your dentist but I have to say, what a hoot to have a singing dentist! I have golden teeth, too, which I think matches my time of life. I love a twinkly smile.

  2. I always loved my gold crowns. I got them because my parents had them and because I think they’re pretty. Now the dentist insists the porcelain ones are better (and the original ones are, I think, all replaced now).

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